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Let's Make #dreamscometrue

I dedicate each stand-out collection to my dreams as much as to yours.

Share your dreams and custom requests!

I love to get close & personal on my work, share, and participate in fashion and art inspired events or collaboratives, as well as to create tailor-made pieces upon request.


Here is to all and everyone's dreams come true!

Yours truly con Amore Always,

Marianna Valente

Creative Director & Founder

Please Leave a message here or see Contact Details below.

Thank you for reaching out to Dreams! We will be in touch soon!

Headquarters for sampling and production is a hidden gem in the deep south of Italy. As for me, find me generally and ideally on a Mediterranean rocky stretch or wandering through romantic cobblestone roads. Reach me anytime by:


Phone US/Whatsapp  


Phone EU


DM @dreamsinanarmoire

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